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Class "No Show" Policy - Members who sign up for class ahead of time and do not show up will only be charged a $20 fee if the following apply: If the class is at a full capacity and your no show causes another member the inability to sign up for that class.

Our goal is not to charge our members fee’s, but to create some consistency for our program. It allows our coaches to really prepare modifications ahead of time and will make the class experience that much better for everyone.


Follow Steps

How to Sign into Your Classes


Just a friendly reminder to all of our members to please sign into class using the MindBody app prior to the class being held to guarantee your spot. This allows us to monitor and keep our classes below capacity and also give our coaches a better sense of their class sizes so they can prepare accordingly.


We also would like to announce a policy change. Some individuals have been showing up to class and not signing in before-hand because they are concerned about will be charged if they don’t show up or late cancel. Our new policy will give us the opportunity for everyone to help create more structure and consistency.


Lastly, please try your best to be on time for the start of class. Show up a few minutes early and begin some of your stretches until the coach begins class. Although our coaches adapt very well, It can be very difficult on a coach and the rest of the class if members are not there for set up and/or explanations of workouts. Walking in even a couple minutes late can change the dynamic and flow of class. This is for your safety as well. We want you there alert and ready to go. Feeling sleepy, rushed, or anxious because you are late, will not help your workouts and can lead to greater risk of injury.

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