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We help you reach your fitness goals without injury

It starts with a 15-minute consultation call with our fitness expert.


Workout with Ropes
Peak Performance Training

Trained professionals to get you in your prime

Fitness Group
Corporate Wellness Program

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Currently Unavailable 

Enhanced Sports Training

Focus, improve, and Enhance The Sport You Love. 

Community Fitness Programs

Be Apart of A Fitness Community that's made for You.


Senior Program Made  for Aging Well 

Virtual Programs

Top Tier Fitness Training from the comfort of your own home

Kids Running
Kinetic Enrichment Programs

Physical education that combines fitness, strength, sports, games, and education in science, anatomy, and nutrition for students in grades 1 through 8.

Healthy Salad
Nutrition Programs

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How are we different?


Fit Societe is created, developed, and backed by physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists and housed within physical therapy facilities. In addition to watching your form, we will make sure you’re following the same biomechanical and functional philosophy that is our Gold Standard to ensure you achieve optimal results.

We work hard to foster an environment that is built on family and community to provide you with a support system that motivates you and keeps you accountable.

We strive to be the best in fitness by incorporating proven methods from all parts of the fitness world into our programming in order to give you the best opportunity to succeed in accomplishing your goals. Our workouts can be scaled to any level to ensure you are comfortable with what you are doing.

Here at Fit Societe, your goals are our goals.

For more information on our approach, click here.

Fit Societe 3-Step Plan: Building the Foundation for Success

Understanding your body and mind

We take the time to get to know you and your body so that we can best serve your needs. 

Create a Customized Plan of Action 

In this step, We develop a customized program with options of how we can help and what it will cost. 

Workout Without the Injury:

The Start of Your Fitness Journey 

Implement your custom program that will create growth and the body you want

We offer customizable programs in both private and group settings that cater to your individual fitness needs. Whether you're transitioning from physical therapy or looking to increase strength, lose weight, improve sports performance, or achieve lifelong fitness, we have a program for you.

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"I lost 7.2 lbs in body fat! It was an amazing experience for me. I couldn't even do a sit-up when I started. Now I can. Thanks for showing me there's more than one way to exercise to get results. For my level "1", your understanding was awesome. Everyone made me feel comfortable when I was nervous about getting back to exercising.
Thank you Scotty & the Fit Societe team!"


June 22, 2018

"Down 16 lbs overall, 14.75 lbs of fat, 5.7 % body fat. 
The program was well structured and well-run, allowing options and support for everyone. 
Time was taken to teach all levels how to excel."


June 22, 2018

"Fit Societe has been a critical and irreplaceable part of my recovery and improvement. The workouts are perfect, the staff is dedicated and knowledgeable, and the people! FS is definitely a family to me. I've never been in better shape in my life than with FS. The workouts are structured and balanced better than any other gym I've seen. 
There is no replacement for FS - I've looked.
Thank you for your amazing program and coaching staff. "


March 30, 2019

"I feel happier. I know my heart is stronger. My health has improved as I have increased energy and less body fat. I have newfound strength and flexibility. I am thrilled that I was able to achieve the goals we set/discussed before the challenge boosting my confidence (imagine at my age). I am inspired. You have made me believe that I can accomplish so much more. I have been at a loss for words… How can you thank someone for improving the quality of one’s life?!?  Except to say, thanks and thanks again. I’m grateful."


March 15, 2019

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