Step 4:

Continue Development and progression with your coaches.

1. Mechanics

Our primary focus will be technique and your ability to move yourself as well as external objects in the most efficient, effective, and safe manner possible. This will be constantly revisited throughout your development as new movements are introduced and old movements become more intense. Mechanics are our foundation!​

2. Consistency


Consistency refers to your ability to show up often and train correctly. Perform the movements consistently often and consistently well. With consistency we are able to drive change and increase our intensity.

3. Intensity

Once you have Mastered the Movement and can be consistent with it, we introduce intensity. We can increase intensity by increasing speed, load, and distance over the span of your workouts. This increases your body's workout capacity. Do it right, then do it faster!




Master the movements.



Reps 1 to 100

look the same.

If and only if

1 and 2 are met.



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