The same two people can do the same workout and see completely different results. Why? Because the intensity behind the reps and exercises are completely different. Intensity is relative to each athletes ability level, but without increasing intensity over time the body becomes complacent and change becomes increasingly more difficult. Intensity is the increase in speed, distance, or load. At Fit Societe we believe everyone is an athlete and regardless of your ability level our coaches focus on 3 main principles when building on intensity for each athlete.

  1. Mechanics - Master the Movements
    Education on how to safely, effectively, and efficiently perform each and every exercise.

  2. Consistency - Your 1st Rep should look like your 100th Rep.
    Every rep matters! This is the base of injury prevention. We build muscle memory and an overall better foundation so when we increase weights or resistances, but our movement patterns must remain the same. Be consistent, show up often, and train correctly!

  3. Intensity - If and ONLY if Mechanics & Consistency are met!
    Once we develop the foundation and develop consistent and safe movement patterns its time to add the speed, load and distance to increase your bodies capacity to truly make change. If we increase our intensity and any of our movements start to break down we must remember principles 1 and 2.

What is your Track?

We strive on community and love to work out together. Depending on your goals and ability level we offer 2 different fitness tracks within the same class. Our FS Cardio Track and our FS Strength Track.

FS Cardio Fitness Track

is a high intensity workout that focuses on fat loss, cardio respiratory endurance with a less weight intensive program. These constantly varied functional workouts focus on higher repetitions at lower weights. Although cardio focused, you still get the benefits of a strength component built into each workout to help you maintain muscle and continue to develop a strong foundation to your fitness whatever your goals may be.

FS Performance Strength Track

for our more advanced athletes focusing on a more weightlifting intensive and complex program to develop lean mass and build out a bigger, stronger, faster athlete. The FS Strength Track includes more complex movements including barbell work. We like to develop our athletes through the cardio track to build and develop them to feel more comfortable and be safer advancing to more performance-based workouts.