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"At one point, I will confess, I was actually grateful for the assault bike. As much as I hate it, it definitely helped my cardio."

We started at Stevens Pass in Washington - you might know it as a ski resort. We were on Section K of the WA section of the PCT. Each state divides their part of the PCT (Mexico to CAN 2650 miles) in sections.


We finished in Stehekin, WA. We cut 20mi off because of diversions due to fire (Section K is about 120mi).


Elevation ranges from about 2000’ to 6800’ on our Section. We had three days of 4-5000 foot gains, one day of all down hill, and the rest up and down.


We went over 5 passes.


My pack ranged from 30-40lbs. I ended up carrying my girlfriend’s tent in addition to my own. Seriously, backpackers help each other out and she was a first time backpacker and struggling a bit. She did awesome!


We were out 11 days/10 nights. Average 10mi/day. PCT through hikers go the same distance in 4 days!  But it was a good pace for my friend.

And seriously-thank you! Loving my life right now. Both my friend and I felt our bodies looked different when we finally saw ourselves in a mirror.