Corporate Wellness Program

Welcome, Employees!

Your employer has partnered up with our organization to invest in your health and wellness and provide you, their valued employee, with a program that allows you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Congratulations on making a choice to commit to your health and for taking advantage of this great benefit! We're excited to get you started!

By signing up for this trial program, you will:

  • Receive 30 days of free access to our live classes, including live daily weekday workouts, yoga classes, mobility sessions, and more.

  • Be able to schedule a consultation with one of our coaches to discuss your individual goals and fitness questions.

  • Access to our Movement Library (Launching Soon)

  • Access to our On-Demand Workouts (Launching Soon)

To begin, complete the Registration Form. Once your registration is submitted, you will be directed to our Workouts log-in page where you will "Sign-Up" to create your log-in.

Once your log-in is approved by our moderators, you will immediately have access to join our live classes.

We look forward to getting you moving!

Employee Registration

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