About Fit Societe 


The Fit Societe Formula 



Master the movements

Referes to technique. Your Ability to move yourself and external objects in the most safe, effective, and effecient manner possible. 



1st rep looks like 100th rep 

Refers to both performing movements consistently well and often. Show up often and train properly. 



If and ONly if 1 and 2 are met! 

Once you have mastered a skill you can then add speed, distance , and load to increase capactity. DO it Right then do it fast!

Fit Societe creates functional and comprehensive training programs for any athlete in any sport of life. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to be at the top of your game or grandma and grandpa looking to improve on your ability to be successfully independent, we can help!

The Fit Societe Philosophy 

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By combining the knowledge of strength and conditioning specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and certified coaches, we have created a customizable and proven approach to help any athlete reach their full potential.



Our Programmed Modications Allows us to Scale the workouts to fit the needs of any athlete, which is crucial for their growth and progression. 



Each Athlete with a desired goal to grow and progress

Gets Met!


This is what makes Fit Societe special.

Within our philosophy we emphasize our approach to mobility as much as strength training. We focus these movements to be in the three dimensions of movement to make sure your key muscle groups and joints move easily in all three planes of motion (front to back, side to side and rotational). These are the principles and core truths of Applied Functional Science. By doing this we move with more efficiency to allow safe and effective strength and endurance gains that translate to motor skill acquisition and development, improved functional tasks, activities of daily living, and more advanced physical fitness.


The Fit Societe Family

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We focus On building a strong community Through trust and care! 



Fit Societe is a fun atmosphere which prides itself on our amazing culture and community. 




We Support One Another and Uplift each other to reach our Goals.