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Robert Banker

Robert is a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sport Science Association. Robert is originally from the Midwest hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. While growing up he was into martial arts, studying Tae Kwon Do and playing every youth sport his parents could get him in to, which is where first found the passion for fitness. Upon graduating high school Robert attended and played football at Thomas More University in Kentucky. After college and looking for a new adventure Robert joined the Navy, ultimately being stationed in San Diego after bootcamp. Shortly after being honorably discharged from the Navy, Robert worked with the government in the logistics sector for a time before coming over to Fit Societe

During his time in the Navy Robert was a command fitness coordinator and has coached both youth basketball and football teams and has experience working with many different types of athletes on strength and rehabilitation programs. In addition to the working with an amazing staff, it was this wide range of athlete that had Robert excited to join Fit Societe.

Robert is a diehard Cincinnati Bengals fan and all things Cincinnati sports related. In his free time, Robert enjoys spending time with his family doing outdoor activities like camping, hiking, playing flag football and exercising. When he is stuck indoors Robert enjoys watching movies, reading books, or playing board games and he also recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time, so he enjoys smiting evil!

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