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Miles DeLay

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Miles has had a lifelong passion for sport and human performance. Miles has a background in martial arts, triathlon, and weightlifting, but his first love has always been lacrosse. Many moons ago, Miles was freshman captain of the Auburn University men’s lacrosse team, and much more recently he was coach of the Mira Mesa High School varsity boys’ lacrosse program.

In 2009, Miles discovered the burgeoning sport of CrossFit, and fell in love with the community and their focus on maximizing human potential. He soon began coaching at box gyms in Georgia and Alabama, and competed in early regional CrossFit events such as The Garage Games.

Miles enlisted in the Navy in 2012, and was stationed in Imperial Beach, CA, where he served 6 years as a Riverine. In addition to his day job, he continued to gain experience coaching as his command’s fitness leader, programming and leading physical training for his platoon. Miles left the Navy in 2018 to pursue a career in medicine. He first came to Rehab United as a patient, where he was impressed with the use of the Applied Functional Science approach. Seeing how AFS was further integrated into the Fit Societe training methodology, Miles was eager to join the team as a coach.

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