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Michele Puglia

Michele has lived in San Diego, CA all her life and grew up in the same home all her life as well. Michele has been a Personal Trainer and group instructor at 24 Hour Fitness and other small local box gyms as well.

She has experience in various training styles such as Olympic weightlifting, strength training/conditioning, Martial arts, sports training etc. Her passion for Fitness truly shined through when she was in high school. She played various sports such as Soccer, Track & Field, Cross Country, Basketball etc. Michele just currently finished her first powerlifting meet and is hoping to pursue in entering in an Olympic weightlifting meet as well, when her powerlifting career is done. When it comes to Michele’s work ethic, she believes that if you truly set your time and efforts into something you want to pursue and keep continuing forward no matter how tough it gets, you will be pleased by the outcome. Michele truly enjoys the idea behind Applied Functional Science and how the body moves not only in activity, but everyday living. Fit Societe surrounds themselves in guiding other in daily functional living , which is something that appealed to Michele.

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