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Jeremy Velasco

Jeremy was born and raised in San Diego receiving his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Kinesiology. After graduating in 2016, Jeremy went to pursue his passion in health and fitness by getting credentialed as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as working as a stretch therapist. He was also involved in teaching group and private tennis lessons to the Murphy Canyon Youth Community.

In 2018, he was accepted to Physical Therapy school at Franklin Pierce University in Goodyear, Arizona. After graduating with his Doctorates in Physical Therapy in 2021, he was given the opportunity to share his desire in promoting Applied Functional Science based movements to allow the body to heal with Rehab United. He strives in helping individuals gain an understanding of body mechanics/awareness in order to prevent injuries, reduce pain and improve overall strength. Throughout his experience with patient care, he has developed an interest in a special niche with treating vestibular dysfunctions. His enthusiasm in the ability to educate about the body and help people develop a path towards reaching their fitness goals in human performance is what has driven Jeremy to coach in Fit Societe.

Outside of Physical Therapy, Jeremy was given the chance to travel to Ecuador to assist with performing ENT surgeries to low-income families, provide relief to refugees, and aid with humanitarian projects. Additionally, he was able to help raise awareness and fundraise in continuing to find a cure against pancreatic cancer by running in the 2022 Chicago Marathon.

When he is not treating patients in the clinic, he is adventuring San Diego and traveling the world in attempt to find new experiences to share with people. On Jeremy’s free time, he will most likely be jogging along the beach, reading books, enjoying delicious food in local restaurants or spending quality time with friends and family.

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