Aarin Abel

Aarin grew up in San Diego and spent her childhood tearing through sports. Aarin’s first club sport was with La Jolla Impact Soccer Club. Once in high school, Aarin hung up her cleats to transition poolside to play for La Jolla Country Day Women’s Water Polo. Aarin racked up performance awards and helped bring her team to CIFs each year. After graduating from LJCDS Aarin attended the University of Southern California where she played for the Women’s Rugby Division 2 Club team. Aarin has played in summer rugby 7 leagues and remains a supporter and fan of the sport. Aarin graduated from USC in 2016.

Aarin earned her certification in Personal Training through the American Council of Exercise in 2018. After gaining her certification, Aarin started to train private clients and small groups around Los Angeles.

In 2020, COVID-19 brought Aarin back to San Diego where she decided to permanently relocate. That same year, Aarin earned another certification, this time in Sports Nutritional Coaching. Aarin maintained her personal training clients by transitioning to coaching via Zoom and providing virtual nutritional coaching sessions as well.

Rehab United completely changed Aarin’s life and her journey comes full circle now as a coach for Fit Societe. Aarin knows firsthand what it takes for athletes to rebound after an injury while also acknowledging how important movement is for people who sit eight hours a day at a desk job. The impact the RU family has had on Aarin is immeasurable and the opportunity to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals is something she holds very near and dear to her heart.

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CPT, CNC, Performance Coach

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